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project type

Google UXD Internship


3 months


ux design intern 


mountain view, ca

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I'm Olivia Han - a UX Design Intern @ *Lab under Google Stadia. During the summer, I worked on one of the R&D projects which is to design  and develop new gameplay interaction by utilizing

smart lighting system. 


My project (Lighty Brownie) is a cross platform virtual companionship game experience for kids. It is part of  the R&D project called The Playable Home which aims to expand gameplay beyond the traditional  screen-and-couch based scenario by integrating a variety of connected home devices with the high level vision of For the Next  Billion Gamers.'  Lighty Brownie is specifically given with the task to use smart lighting system. 

Design Process 


Design Vision & Principles



I built the final prototype using ProtoPie and Unity. The challenging part was that I had to code for the first time using C# for the AR game implementation. I used Vuforia image recognition to simulate the game flow. It was definitely challenging, but I learned a lot. 

Highly recommend to turn on sound!

Mobile interface design shows how the entire  game is structured. 

Hide-and-Seek  AR mini game from one of the game list  in the  tab


Final Presentation 

  • Multiple Ideation & Storyboarding

Visualizing ideas through storyboard allows me to organize my thoughts and think from user and player perspective. 

  • Quick & Iterative Flow Mockup

For the AR experience flow, I had multiple prototypes with core experience loop. Having a quick prototype is great way to measure and evaluate the design decision. Also, it is an effective tool to communicate with my managers and team. 

  • Screen & Character Design 

Based on the brainstorming ideas and concept, I jump started high-fidelity design and character modeling. The whole design process was conducted under the consideration of delivering a delightful experience for the target user - kids. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 5.56.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.23.37
Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.23.45
Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 5.59.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 5.59.22 PM.png


How do I measure my success? To me, playtest was the most helpful. I conducted multiple tests including internal and external. For the internal user tests, it was more about usability testing of the experience while the last test was specifically designed to answer the research question set up for the project. Here is the Full User Research Study Plan.  


I keep track of my project by writing journal everyday. This was a great source for me and my manager to discuss and catch up with my project process

Final prototype includes both screen design interaction and working AR prototype game. 

This includes Unity package. 

It has been an awesome summer. I challenged myself as a designer beyond what I believed I could do. I met amazing people. I was inspired. Thank you everyone who has supported me throughout this whole journey. 


Special Thanks to

@joshlee @annakipnis @edpa & @ehj

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